Ceiling, Wall & Underfloor Insulation

J H Brewster Ltd can supply your insulation requirements. Even homes built 10 years ago could have insulation which does not meet the current Building Code Requirement due to the standard being raised over the whole country.

Benefits of Insulation

  • A fully insulated house needs about half of the heating of an un-insulated house.
  • An un-insulated roof can have heat loss of approximately 42% (older homes up to 60%).
  • Correct insulation in the ceiling also benefits in the summer months helping to keep the house cooler.
  • Better insulation means a warmer, drier and healthier environment and is especially important for people with respiratory illness or other conditions brought on by living in cold, damp houses.

Different options available:

  • Ceiling (segment or blanket)
  • Walls (segment)
  • Underfloor (semi-rigid segment or blanket)

Insulation for specialised fire protection

Applications: protection of walls, floors, ceilings where building code requires, when installing heating appliances that will jeopardise fire safety standards.

Different options available through J H Brewster Ltd:

Mammoth ceiling and underfloor insulation

  • Soft and non-itch – it is made from the same material that you find in many pillows and duvets
  • Easy to install – comes in blanket or section
  • Non-toxic – polyester fibres are free from insecticides and glues
  • Made to last – 50 year warranty (terms & conditions apply)
  • Recyclable and is manufactured in a near zero waste production process
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Manufactured using fibres from recycled plastic bottles

Bradford Insulation

Bradford Insulation glass wool for ceilings R1.8 to R6.0, walls R1.8 to R2.8, floor R2.6 and acoustic.