Carrier Heatpumps

Carrier Pearl

Carrier Pearl Heatpump
  • WIFI enabled – WIFI kit an optional extra
  • Low ambient heating at -15°C
  • Hidden display lights can be turned off by remote control when unit is running
  • Dual filter action for cleaner air
    • High efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) and
    • Cold catalyst filter eliminates formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds
  • Quiet operation
  • Wide air flow up to 80%
  • Louvre position memory
  • Turbo mode up to 15% more airflow than high speed
  • Sleep mode
  • 9 x sizes from 2.8kW heating, 3.2kW heating, 3.7kW heating, 5.2kW heating, 6.3kW heating, 7.1kW heating, 8.4kW heating, 9.8kW heating, 10.3kW heating

Carrier 53FHV Floor Console

Carrier Xpower Platinum Heatpump
  • Anti cold air function
  • Auto restart function
  • Auto defrosting
  • Independent dehumidification
  • Sleep mode
  • Timer
  • 3 x sizes: Compact Design 3.1kW heating and larger capacity 7.5kW heating or 9.4kW heating
  • Larger sizes can be mounted under ceiling also
  • Optional wired controller

51QPD012 Portable Heat Pump

Carrier 51QPD012 Portable Heat Pump