Gas Heaters

Due to thermostatic control on electronic gas heating, it is important to have the area assessed and sized for the appropriate heating appliance. J H Brewster Ltd can perform this task to ensure our customer does not end up with an appliance too big or too small. Installation certification is also finalised by our own gasfitters.

Benefits of Gas Heaters:

  • Convenient quick start and clean burning.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient if Energy Star rating certified particularly on natural gas.
  • Flued to make our living environment healthy and dry.
  • Can run off LPG bottles or Natural Gas if already piped on your road.
  • Thermostatically controlled with added bonus of fans.
  • Electronic (with timer settings) or manual models available.
  • We can arrange your LPG gas supplier for you.

Different options available:

  • Freestanding flame effect
  • Freestanding console
  • Insert (existing masonry chimney)
  • Inbuilt (mock chimney)
  • Outdoor gas fires

Gas Heating Products

JH Brewster Limited is a proud supplier of: