Toshiba Heatpumps

Toshiba Canstar Consumer recommended

Toshiba Shorai R32 PKVSG

Toshiba PKVSG Shorai R32 Heatpump
  • Single hi-wall split system
  • Maximum energy efficiency achieving high levels of EER and COP
  • ECO friendly technology using R32 next generation refrigerant has low global warming potential (GWP) and has no damaging effects on the ozone layer (0 ODP)
  • Magic coil and self cleaning fins
  • 8°C heating feature
  • Weekly timer remote controller
  • Silent operation (outdoor unit)
  • 7 sizes from 2.5kW heating, 3.2kW heating, 3.7kW heating, 5.4kW heating, 5.8kW heating, 6.9kW heating, 8.0kW heating

Super Daiseikai G2KVP Hi-Wall

Toshiba Super Daiseikai G2KVP Inverter Hiwall Heat Pump
  • Energy Star Qualified – super efficient
  • Single hi wall split system
  • Weekly timer remote controller with up to 4 different settings in a day
  • WIFI compatible
  • Super silent
  • IAQ Filter – Antibacteria destroys up to 99.9% of bacteria and antivirus has been proven to be effective in eliminating airborne viruses such as Avian flu H5N1
  • Plasma Ion purifier system – a complete filtration system that deodorises air and provides a pure and healthy environment
  • New Ionizer system provides pure air and keeps your skin moist
  • 3D airflow provides 6 unique airflow patterns
  • Self cleaning function designed to reduce the humidity that causes mould to form inside air conditioning units
  • 3 x sizes from 3.2kW heating, 4kW heating, 5.5kW heating

UFV Bi-Flow Compact Console Floor Unit

Toshiba Compact Console Heatpump
  • Floor or low wall application
  • Bi-flow
  • Floor warming mode
  • Infrared remote control
  • WIFI compatible
  • Child lock function
  • IAQ filter
  • Self cleaning function – 20 minutes of fan operation after shut down, the natural air flow dries the moist air and helps reduce mould formation
  • 4 x sizes from 3.2kW heating, 4.1kW heating, 5kW heating, 5.8kW heating

Heatpump Outdoor unit

Toshiba N3AV2 Heatpump Outdoor unit

Compact 4-Way Ceiling Cassette

Toshiba Compact 4-Way Ceiling Cassette Heatpump

Ducted systems

Toshiba Ducted systems Heatpump

Ducted systems - high pressure

Toshiba Ducted systems - high pressure Heatpump


Toshiba Underceiling Heatpump