Heat Pump Air Conditioning

Accurate assessments of individual requirements vary from home to home or business to business. As heatpumps are thermostatically controlled, correct sizing of the area to be heated is crucial. With our own installers and electricians we can ensure our customer's would get an honest installation.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Heat Pumps:

  • Quick and convenient spot heating designed for specific areas.
  • Low maintenance and space saving.
  • Cost effective and energy efficient if Energy Star rating certified.
  • Air filtration.
  • Dehumidification
  • Remote control with preset timer.

Different options available:

  • Hi wall unit & one outdoor unit (single split)
  • Hi wall units 2 to 4 & one outdoor unit (multi split)
  • Floor console & one outdoor unit
  • Ceiling ducted
  • Ceiling 4-way cassette
  • 7 day weekly timer optional extra for Toshiba range
  • Intesis WiFi controller
Toshiba Heatpumps
Carrier Heatpumps